St. John

St. John – U.S. Virgin Islands

St. John may be the smallest of the US Virgin Islands, but many believe it is the prettiest. It is mostly covered in pristine nature reserve and it also boasts a number of lovely beaches, hidden coves and quiet resorts when you can relax and watch the waves with a fruity cocktail. After the sun sets into the ocean, the island comes to life at the many cozy, romantic and vibrant bars and restaurants.

Major Cities in St. John

Cruz Bay is the main port of entry to St. John and this town is regularly visited by cruise ships that make their way through the US Virgin Islands. This is where you will find a great selection of places to stay in St. John’s Virgin Islands.

Cruz Bay

How to Get There

By Air: You will need to fly into either St. Croix or St. Thomas and then take a ferry as St. John doesn’t have an airport.

By Sea: There is a public ferry between St. Thomas and St. John. If you are travelling by car, your only option is the car barge departing from Red Hook.

What is St. John Known For?

St. John is known for it’s sea turtles. There are three different species on the island – Green Turtles, Leatherback and Hawksbill.

Green Turtle

Leatherback Turtle

Hawksbill Turtle

It’s also known for its historic buildings – such as the Catherineberg and Annaberg sugar mill ruins. Also, the island is known for unspoiled wilderness – two thirds of it is covered by the Virgin Islands National Park.

Annaberg Ruins

Catherineberg Ruins

Best Activities to Do in St. John

When it comes to things to do in the Virgin Islands, St. John has its fair share. The pristine beauty of the Caribbean offers a lot of unforgettable watersports – such as snorkeling with stingrays and stand up paddle boarding – but there are also many things to do on land.

Trunk Bay

St. John is home to the Trunk Bay snorkeling trail, which is an underwater national park and one of the best places to snorkel in the Caribbean. Scuba diving in St. John is also excellent and gives you an opportunity to spy a colorful underwater world. Stroll down the mile-long Cinnamon Bay, the largest and best beach on the island.

Cinnamon Bay

Go for a hike in the pristine Virgin Islands National Park and look for wildlife in the lush rainforest, including 140 species of birds and many animals and plants. Maps of the hiking trails are available at the US. Park Service in Cruz Bay – make sure that you check the USVI weather forecast before you go.

Check out Mermaid’s Chair, a lovely and tiny private bay with just enough space to sit and relax. You can also visit the Tap Room, where St. Johns Brewers make their beer.

Interesting Facts about St. John

  • Archeological finds suggest that Indians inhabited St. John as early as 770 BC.
  • St. John is featured in the John Grisham novel “The Pelican Brief” – it is the island that the heroes escape to.
  • In 1733 there was a violent revolt by the slaves against the plantation owners. Nearly a quarter of the island’s population was killed in the 7 month battle and it set into motion the end of slavery.