U.S. Virgin Islands Weather

The Virgin Islands’ beautiful weather is ideal for your vacation. Check the daily forecast and weather trends here for St Thomas, St John and St Croix USVI. The U.S. Virgin Islands are located in the eastern Caribbean, just 1,100 miles southeast of Miami. The average temperature ranges from 77ºF in the winter to 83ºF in the summer. Rainfall averages 40-44 inches per year. In May and June, the Sahara Dust comes through making hazy days and marvelous sunsets. The end of the summer is hurricane season.

St. Thomas Weather

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St. Croix Weather

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St. John Weather

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In The Virgin Islands it is practically summer all year round. The Virgin Islands does not experience significant seasonal changes, therefore weather and temperatures are fairly consistent year round. Since the islands are located close to one another, st thomas weather, st john weather, st croix weather is relatively the same. Here you can check average temperature and rainfall as well as today’s weather so you can get the most out of your retreat to the beautiful Virgin Islands.