US Virgin Islands Snorkeling

snorkling-Virgin-IslandsIf you can swim, you can snorkel in the US Virgin Islands or any island in the Caribbean. On your next USVI vacation, snorkel St. John, snorkel St. Thomas or snorkel St. Croix at one of the many popular bays or reefs. US Virgin Islands snorkeling is one of the best water sports for the entire family to enjoy and will make a great excursion to add to your trip.

Not only are the views breath taking, but you will find that it is relaxing to float in the salt water because how dense it is. If you have any doubt in your ability or comfort level while swimming, US Virgin Islands snorkeling tours offer flotation devices for safety. So put on some goggles, insert the mouthpiece, put your face in the water and enjoy US Virgin Islands snorkeling around St. Thomas, St. John and St Croix.

Snorkel St. Croix

Snorkel St. Croix at Buck Island Reef National Monument, located just off the island of St. Croix. Not only is this one of only two underwater national monuments in the United States, but it is also in close proximity to a number of St. Croix hotels and resorts.

US Virgin Islands Snorkeling

Snorkel St. Thomas

St. Thomas visitors can enjoy a guided kayak and snorkel tour through the St. Thomas Marine Sanctuary or Magens Bay. If this sounds like a US Virgin Islands snorkeling excursion you and your family would love, then it might be a good idea to book your stay on St. Thomas for convenience.

US Virgin Islands Snorkeling

Snorkel St. John

Superior St. John snorkeling is found at Trunk Bay and Cinnamon Bay. Trunk Bay’s underwater trail costs $4.00 per person. Or avoid this small fee by heading to Cinnamon Bay, which has a ledge area to lookout. Watch for invertebrates and rest in sandy spots before snorkeling around the cay.

US Virgin Islands Snorkeling

Maho Bay

Since Maho Bay has seagrass beds sheltering it, the sea turtles are fond of these. Watch for them in the early morning or late afternoon. A bit of coral and fish may be seen offshore near the rocky tips of the bay as well.

US Virgin Islands Snorkeling

Night Snorkeling

Night snorkeling is another must-try US Virgin Islands snorkeling experience. Everything changes at night. Pack a flashlight, and you’re set. Explore the area you want to night snorkeling in the daytime first, so you are aware of your surroundings. Enjoy the wonders of the ever-changing ocean at night.