U.S. Virgin Islands Camping

virgin islands campingThere is no better way to appreciate the lush Caribbean than a US Virgin Islands camping trip.  For adventurous families and couples, US Virgin Islands camping can be an unforgettable vacation experience. See how St. Croix, St. Thomas and St. John all offer a unique (but equally amazing) camping trip.

St. Croix Camping

Mt. Victory Camp is one of the more established and comfortable camping sites on St. Croix. It has 5 dwellings that can accommodate 4 – 6 people each.  St. Croix camping is perfect for a larger group or famliy, since there are 3 platform dwellings that are single story with 2 beds and 4 mattresses as well as 2 bungalows with either 4 or 6 beds.  Each shelter can be flexible to the guests by closing down all or part of the canvas tent or netting.  Each dwelling is overlooking green trees and the expanse of the valley.  Because of the open design of these camp shelters, you are face to face with St. Croix’s nature. Mt. Victory also offers tent camping for those who would like to bring their own gear.

St. John Camping

St. John island is the smallest of the three islands and has two campsites to choose between: Maho Bay and Condordia Eco-Tents. While both campsites in St. John were built for environmental sensibility, they offer their own comfort level and a slightly different experience.

Maho Bay Campsites are one of the most highly praised ecotourism destinations in the world. The Maho Bay campsites began in 1976 with 18 tent-cottages on 16 foot square platforms. Using hand construction methods has left the natural environment virtually undisturbed. The platforms were connected by elevated walkways to avoid soil erosion which endangers the beach and fragile coral. This sensitive land use has stimulated and explosion of favorable press which has encouraged Maho growth to 114 units. As a result of this sensitive and sustainable development, Maho Bay Campsites are now celebrating 27 years of an improved local environment.

US Virgin Islands camping can also be perfect for honeymoons, especially sites with tent-cottages covered by lush foliage providing privacy. Translucent fabric on wood frames, screened windows and open air terraces take advantage of the cool US Virgin Island trade winds. Their hillside location gives many tent-cottages beautiful views of the clear Caribbean waters and spectacular sunset. Each unit has a separate sleeping area with twin beds and an extra mattress behind the sleeping-couch in the living area. The units are also supplied with bed linens, blankets, towels, cooking and eating utensils, propane stove and ice cooler. Every tent-cottage has its own electrical outlets, lights, fans and private decks for a more luxurious US Virgin Islands camping experience.

Camping in St. John also offers many daytime adventures. The immediate area around Maho Bay Camps have beautiful hiking trails including walks to historic plantation ruins. The town of Cruz Bay offers active night life within half an hour via local taxi service. The outdoor restaurant serves breakfast and dinner every day with a variety of healthful meals including at least one vegetarian entrée.

St. Thomas Camping

One of the top St. Thomas camping spots is on Cinnamon Beach. This small but pretty beach has an outlying coral reef, the campground and rewarding nature walks nearby.

To camp here, you will find 10 bare campsites, 40 erected tents, and 40 cottages available. Up to six people in two tents may occupy the bare sites at $27.00 per night. Picnic tables and charcoal grills are provided. Canvas tents that measure 10 by 14 feet with a concrete floor have camp cots, two-burner propane gas stoves, and utensils, are $80.00 per night for double occupancy during the high season. Cottages average $140.00 per night during the high season and measure 15 by 15 feet with concrete floors; two screened walls, four twin beds, picnic table and grill. Also, the cottages come with ice chests, propane gas stove, and water container, cooking and eating utensils.

When considering the your food, it is best to bring as much of your own as possible. The commissary has a limited and expensive supply of goods so it is better to do your shopping in St. Thomas beforehand. The Tree Lizards Restaurant has a snack bar and on some nights you can enjoy the music of local artists. Sunday nights are host to a cookout and provide a great opportunity to socialize with fellow campers.