What to Wear in The US Virgin Islands

One of the biggest questions people ask before going on vacation is what appropriate attire is for said place they are visiting. In this blog we’ll outline what to wear in the US Virgin Islands so you can feel comfortable and confident on any island.

What to Wear in the US Virgin Islands

First things first, wear a comfortable swimsuit! During your trip to the US Virgin Islands you’ll be wearing your swimsuit a good portion of the time, so being comfortable with the style of suit you’re wearing is key. Make sure the swimsuit is durable for hiking, snorkeling, scuba diving and other excursions where you might get wet. Wearing quick drying clothes is essential for day trips and packing light.

Also bring a breezy swimsuit cover-up that you can wear when visiting the hottest beach bars in the US Virgin Islands or strolling down the beach. A colorful sarong is perfect for blending into the vibrant island culture. Plus, multi-use clothing is perfect for wrapping around your waist to make a skirt, tying behind your neck as a halter or even covering your shoulders.

When deciding what to wear in the US Virgin Islands, keep in mind where to are staying as well. If you’re staying at a luxurious hotel or resort, you’ll want to wear something cool and comfortable but also more formal. Try a long, flowing maxi dress. Or, perhaps a cute sundress with a pair of strappy sandals. Men can wear a collar shirt for a more dressy look.

Finally, to complete you beach look, accessorize your outfits with some of the unique local jewelry from the islands. After all, the best way to judge what to what to wear in the US Virgin Islands is to dress like a local.

Be natural!

When it comes to capturing the gorgeous beach look during your getaway to the US Virgin Islands, your beauty routine is best left natural. Since you are in the humid tropical climate of the islands, wearing less makeup is often better.

Between the heat, humidity and getting in and out of the water, makeup and hair tend to get messy. If your natural hair texture is wavy but you try to straighten it, the humidity and water will cause it to become wavy again whether you want it to or not.

When it comes to your hair, embrace its natural texture and wear your favorite conditioner or hair oil to add moisture. Twist it up into an up-do to keep cool or let it cascade down your shoulders, with a braid or a hair clip to add an accent.

When it comes to makeup, stick with the basics. A light moisturizer will keep your skin glowing (make sure it includes SPF to protect you from the sun’s rays.) A little bit of waterproof mascara and eyeliner is all you need for a night out. A juicy lip gloss can be the perfect finishing touch to your healthy, sunkiss, naturally beautiful look.

Find a hotel or resort that matches your dress style. The US Virgin Islands has hotels and resorts ranging from casual to luxurious, so choose your stay according to your preference of vacation.