Things to See in St. Croix: Crab Racing

Each island has it’s own unique culture and activities, but this might be one of the most interesting longstanding pastimes for islanders and tourists alike. When you are looking for things to see in St. Croix, seriously consider crab racing! Here’s why:

Why is crab racing among the top things to see in St. Croix?

A crowd of excited islanders and tourists crowd around a small track. A loud horn sounds and a squirming gaggle of hermit crabs are let loose from a plastic bucket. Everyone is shouting and cheering on their crab, hoping it will be the first to cross the finish line. Crab racing is a popular event in the US Virgin Islands because it is hilarious, inexpensive, and fun. Why not join in during your visit to St. Croix?

How Does it Work?

For only a couple of dollars you can bet on a hermit crab, and you get to name your crab with a piece of tape on its back. Make sure to choose a smaller crab as they tend to be faster. You can yell at your crab all you want, but foot tapping and stomping or other physical interaction is not allowed.

The race course is set out as an arrangement of concentric circles, similar to a bull’s eye. The crabs start in the center of the circle, and they race outward. The winner is the crab that makes it out of the course circle first. Watch the video to see the crabs in action:

There are four heats in the race and then there is a final “runoff” among the winners chosen from those four heats. The winning crabs are chosen from the final two heats and they have the potential to win some excellent prizes. The prizes at the crab races range from free drinks to gift certificates for local restaurants to bottles of rum to resort stays or seaplane tours.

It is a kid-friendly event too! Even after the prizes have been given out, the little ones will be rounded up and given a little treat. It’s a high energy event that will have everyone giggling and cheering.

A Wonderfully Strange Pastime

Crab racing is a tradition pastime in St. Croix. It was reawakened by Tito and Sue at Stixx and has been a popular event for many years now. There are now crab racing events held multiple nights per week at bars, restaurants and resorts throughout the islands. Make sure to find out where they are taking place so that you can join in on this exciting US Virgin Islands activity.

For example, on Wednesdays at 5:00 pm the hermit crabs race at the Divi Carina Bay resort. On Fridays at 5:30 there will also be races held at The New Deep End Bar & Restaurant. You can also catch the crab races on Mondays at 5pm at Shupe’s on the Boardwalk. Note, of course, that these times are subject to change so you should call ahead to confirm.

You don’t have to pick a crab if you don’t want to. It’s also fun to sit back with a cold beer and just watch the action. However, it’s cheap to play and it’s a lot more exciting when you have a stake in the action. You just might win a great prize and experience even more great things to see in St. Croix. Plan your stay at a hotel or resort in St. Croix today!