Visiting St. John in June

Visiting St. John in June

Summer months are a popular time to go on a family vacation because kids are out of school. But did you know that summer is also one of the best months to visit the U.S. Virgin Islands? Read perks of visiting St. John in June.

Weather in St. John

June is the perfect time to plan your trip to the U.S. Virgin Islands, especially St. John. Weather is most mild between April and June, meaning temperatures won’t be too high yet. With an average high of 89 degrees and an average low of 76 degrees, weather in St. John in June is just right. Did we mention June also has among the lowest rain fall? Plan an early summer vacation and miss hurricane season!

Booking Hotels in St. John

Despite the perfect weather and little precipitation, April to June are some of the slower tourist months for hotels and resorts. Even better for you! This means beaches will be less crowded and room rates are likely to drop this time of year. Book your hotels and resorts in St. John while prices are low!

St. John Festival

The festival season in St. John celebrates and showcases the best aspects of Caribbean culture at the St. John Festival. Each year has a different theme and lasts for an entire month with various activities. The festival’s activities conclude on the 4th of July with a parade and an evening of fireworks.

Young or old, there are activities for all! Music is a must throughout the entire month. Also the mocko jumbie, ghost-like figure, makes an appearance. Make plans for visiting St. John in June and help us celebrate our Caribbean heritage!

What are you waiting for? Get your ducks in a row, so you’re visiting St. John in June of next year.

St. Thomas Carnival Calypso Spectakula

St. Thomas Carnival Calypso Spectakula /Last Lap – 10:00 pm in Carnival Village on the island St. Thomas. Calypso Spectakula /Last Lap celebrates when Carnival Village officially closes at midnight however partiers still have a little more time to enjoy the celebration as the music continues until 3:00 am. So from 10:00 pm until 3:00 am you have the Last Lap!

St. Thomas Children’s Carnival Parade

St. Thomas Children’s Carnival Parade – 10:00am on Main Street on the island of St. Thomas, Children’s Carnival Parade is the big show for children of the island. Toddlers to teens the children are dressed in bright, shiny, colorful costumes depicting everything from clowns, indians, fantasy, sea animals and more. They twirl, perform and dance from Rothschild Francis Square down Main Street to Lionel Roberts Stadium. Many school groups participate, often including the schools steel pan or other musical group.

St. Thomas Carnival Roas-a-Time or J’ouvert

St. Thomas Carnival Roas-a-Time or J’ouvert – Veterans Drive on the island of St. Thomas @ 4:00am. This is one of the most popular events of Carnival. It is an early morning party as thousands of people dance through the streets behind their favorite bands while others stand on the side and enjoying the music.

St. Thomas Carnival

St. Thomas Carnival – Emancipation Garden, on the island of St. Thomas @ 8:00am. Enjoy this Cultural Fair, a day long celebration of island food! A variety of booths sell different local dishes, deserts, drinks and fruits. Also available are plants, arts and crafts. Booths and tables are organized by individuals, schools, churches and businesses. Dishes you might sample include kallalloo, conch, fried fish, johnny cakes, pate, coconut tart, tamarind stew, cakes, passionfruit juice, ginger beer and so much more. Some of the deserts and preserves you will only find during Carnival and the holidays, so this is your chance. You will also find handmade dolls, wooden crafts, handmade jerwerly, beads, clothing and other items. The event includes music and entertainment – usually traditional dance performances. It is an event worth attending in order to sample Virgin Islands culture.