Your US Virgin Islands Packing List

So, you have booked a getaway to the US Virgin Islands. You’re looking forward to lounging in the sunshine, enjoying the watersports, sipping a beer at a beachside bar and having an amazing time. But before you leave, you need to pack! What should you bring with you and what should you leave behind? These are the must haves on your US Virgin Islands packing list.

What Clothing Should I Bring?

You’ll find that most people dress casually in the US Virgin Islands. So men can pack causal t-shirts and shorts while the ladies can wear sundresses, shorts and tank tops. Just remember, weather in the US Virgin Islands is warm, so go for lightweight and breathable materials. Also, bring at least one outfit that is a little dressier if you plan on dining at one of the nicer restaurants at your hotel or resort. The dress code for more formal dining generally requires ladies to wear skirt of dress and guys to wear a collar shirt and a pair of slacks.

Bring your sandals for the beach, but also bring walking shoes for exploring one of the many hiking trails or camping out. Many visitors bring at least two bathing suits, so that they can wear a dry one when the other is wet. A beach wrap is also a great to add to your US Virgin Islands packing list because its an easy garnish to wear around yourself when walking from the beach to public areas.

This next must have on you US Virgin Islands packing list might surprise you, but you will want to bring along one cardigan, sweater or wrap. Sometimes the nights can be a bit cooler, and it’s nice to have the option to cover up with something warm. If you are visiting during the rainy season from July to December, a light raincoat is also a good item to shove in your suitcase.

What About Toiletries and Medication?

Bring along your basic toiletries such as toothpaste, soap, shampoo, etc. However, if you don’t want to carry it in your bag, these items are available to purchase on the islands. When you’re packing toiletries, don’t forget to add sunscreen and insect repellent to your list. As this will be a necessity!

When it comes to beauty supplies, there is no need for ladies to bring their entire arsenal of makeup and hair products. The “look” on the islands is more of a laid back, sun-kissed, natural style. Bring sunscreen, moisturizer, a little bit of natural looking makeup and conditioner to keep your hair soft after snorkeling and scuba diving. While you’re at it, you can cross off cologne or perfume from your US Virgin Islands packing list, as it will attract insects and mosquitoes.

It is a good idea to bring any medication that you are taking, because finding it on the US Virgin Islands might not be easy.

Should I Bring My Passport?

Americans do not need a passport to travel to the USVI. However, it never hurts to bring it just in case. It will help you clear customs on your return, and it gives you the option of taking a day trip to the British Virgin Islands if you want to.

An important overall tip when creating your US Virgin Islands packing list is to pack as light as possible. You don’t want to be dragging heavy luggage around with you, and you won’t need to bring as much as you might think. Packing light means that managing heavy luggage won’t slow you down while you explore this gorgeous island paradise.