How to Plan a Budget Friendly Vacation to the US Virgin Islands

Vacations in the Caribbean can be expensive, but they don’t always have to be. There are a lot of ways that you can make tropical getaways to the US Virgin Islands more affordable so that you can stretch your travel budget even further.  Since the US Virgin Islands are on American soil, US travelers will be saving money with no currency exchange fees, no plug adapters, no sales tax and no need to get a passport. Find out even more great tricks to save money and plan a budget friendly vacation to the US Virgin Islands.

Book as Early As Possible

Booking your trip at the last moment means that you will be paying full price. The earlier you can arrange your vacation then the better deals you will be able to find on airfare, hotels, excursion packages and more. In order to plan a budget friendly vacation to the US Virgin Islands, start researching hotels and resorts as well as things to do on the islands early, so you can start looking for deals several months to a year in advance.

Visit in the Spring or Fall

If you plan your getaway to the US Virgin Islands in the spring rather than the summer, you will enjoy weather that is warm and pleasant without being too hot and sticky. Also, you will find that the rates for flights and hotels are generally cheaper during this time of the year. Similarly, you can find cheaper prices in the fall season as well, so you can also consider booking your trip around October-November.

Rent a Car

There are a lot of beautiful hidden beaches and secluded spots to explore on all three of the islands. Some people rent taxis to get around to these areas, but the taxis can be expensive and sometimes they will not take you to the more remote places. You’ll find that it is better to rent a car on the islands as it will be cheaper than taxis when splitting the cost with multiple people. It will give you more flexibility to explore the National Park at St. John, the nightlife in St. Thomas, and the multiple beaches in St. Croix.

Stay in a Self Catering Accommodation

One of the biggest expenses of your trip will be dining out in restaurants, as food and drinks can be expensive. Key to planning a budget friendly vacation to the US Virgin Islands, is watching the areas you spend money. You can save money by staying in self-catering accommodations with a fridge or microwave to cook your own meals and snacks with cheap, simple ingredients. If the hotel you choose to stay at is all-inclusive or offers continental breakfast, take advantage of these amenities.

Bring Your Own Snorkel Gear

The clear Caribbean waters of these beautiful islands have many superb opportunities for snorkeling and observing colorful reefs and underwater life. Before you head to the US Virgin Islands, buy some snorkel gear at your local sporting goods shop and bring it with you. It will cost you less than it would to rent or purchase a snorkel on the islands themselves – and you can find better snorkel gear that fits your face perfectly. Bringing your own gear also allows you to snorkel the waters whenever you want, instead of always paying for expensive guided tours.

These are just a few of the ways that you can plan a budget friendly vacation to the US Virgin Islands. For more help planning your ultimate getaway at a great price, view our budget friendly hotels and resorts.