5 Reasons to Spend Spring Break in the US Virgin Islands

After being cooped up all winter, people start craving two things: some sun and some adventure! Lucky for you, spring break in the US Virgin Islands can satisfy both of these needs. Not convinced this is the trip for you? Keep reading. We know we can change your mind after you read these five reasons to spend spring break in the US Virgin Islands.


One of the top reasons people travel over spring break is because they are tired of the bitter cold weather in their home states. Well, it turns out the US Virgin Islands has some of the most desirable spring weather conditions. Not too hot. Not too cold. In fact, spring weather in the US Virgin Islands ranges from mid 70’s to high 80 degrees Fahrenheit in the spring months with an average of only 0.1 inches of rain. These weather conditions are unbeatable.


After spending so much time at an office desk or checking your planner for upcoming deadlines, it is time to let loose and enjoy some island adventure. We guarantee if you spend spring break in the US Virgin Islands, your trip will fall nothing short of exciting. Imagine returning home, sharing stories with staff and peers about snorkeling with turtles and dolphins, hiking in national parks and golfing on world-renowned golf courses.

Mouth watering food and drinks

If you haven’t already, put a pause to your New Year’s diet and splurge on some delicious island cuisine during spring break. USVI has a huge variety of restaurants and bars on the island, so celebrate spring break in the US Virgin Islands like an native islander with a cocktail in one hand and fresh fruit in the other. And while you are visiting, you might as well try the top ten drinks in the US Virgin Islands too!


Instead of going to a crowded beach and bumping shoulder to shoulder with people, US Virgin Islands offers a relaxing alternative. Between the three islands, we are certain you will find the perfect spot to enjoy just you and the ocean.


Leave the stress of traveling outside the country at home. Since the US Virgin Islands is a U.S. Territory, no passport is required for American citizens making your spring break vacation that much more convenient. We hope these reasons were enough to convince you to spend your spring break in the US Virgin Islands. If so, start booking your hotel or resort today!