Top Secluded and Secret Beaches in the U.S. Virgin Islands

Top Secluded and Secret Beaches in the U.S. Virgin Islands

Are you the type of vacationer that likes to go where the locals are? Do you want to look like you fit in and not like the typical tourist? There are some gorgeous, secluded beaches in the U.S. Virgin Islands most people don’t even know about. But we’ll let you in the secret spots:

Top Beaches in St. Thomas:

  • Lindquist Bay: Lindquist Bay also known as Smith Bay Beach is on the east end of St. Thomas near Red Hook. With white sand beaches and crystal blue waters that the Caribbean is known for, this beach offers the perfect amount of privacy.

Top Beaches in St. John:

  • Salt Pond Bay Beach: Put on your hiking shoes! Salt Pond Bay Beach is a moderate hike from the road, but the trek is well worth it. After your short hike you will reach one of the best beaches in the U.S. Virgin Islands with top snorkeling. Soak up the sun, feel the ocean breeze and enjoy the peaceful views.
  • Hansen’s Bay Beach: Another beach off the beaten path is St. John’s most secluded beach, Hansen’s Bay Beach. This is just off the main north shore drive near the town of Coral Bay. Did we mention there are some equally incredible places to eat nearby?

Top Beaches in St. Croix:

  • Grapetree Bay Beach: Grapetree Bay Beach is located on the east end of St. Croix near Divi Carina Bay Resort. Because this beach is in close proximity to residential area, it tends to be more quiet and peaceful. Locals do ask that if you enjoy this beach with them that you are respectful of their homes nearby.

Now that we shared our secret where the best beaches in the U.S. Virgin Islands are, we expect you to come visit us! Plan your stay in St. Thomas, St. John or St. Croix today!

Things to See in St. John: Tektite

Things to See in St. John: Tektite

things to see in st johnWhile you can’t go wrong exploring basically anything in the U.S. Virgin Islands, one of the top things to see in St. John is Tektite. Learn why this attraction is must-add to your list.

What is Tektite?

Tektite was an underwater laboratory in the late 1960’s that was named after a research project conducted at Beehive Bay. Scientists studied the habitat for many years before opening up the waters to divers.

How is Tektite today?

Today, Tektite is open to scuba divers and snorkelers alike. It offers some of the best snorkeling around, and it is fairly accessible by land. Half the fun is getting there by taking the road to Great Lameshur Bay, which is partially unpaved, rocky and steep. Do a quick rock scramble across some boulders, and you’ve made it!

Start at the first point, Donkey Bite, and then find a place to swim over to Beehive Cove. From there, you can see underwater caves, scattered coral and large rock formations. Who said all of the best things to see in St. John are above water?

Tekite is a must-see for avid snorkelers and scuba divers. See what other snorkeling and scuba diving locations to add to your list of excursions in the U.S. Virgin Islands.


Things to See in St. John: Annaberg Plantation

Things to See in St. John: Annaberg Plantation

Annaberg Plantation

Whether you are newlyweds on your honeymoon or on a family vacation in the U.S. Virgin Islands, there are plenty of things to see in St. John. Among the many popular tourist sites, Annaberg Plantation is a favorite.

What is Annaberg Plantation?

As of 1780, Annaberg Plantation was one of 25 working sugar-producing factories on St. John. Annaberg also produced rum and molasses. Slave labor was used to clear the dense forested hillsides and to terrace the slops to make farming possible. In addition to clearing trees, slaves also planted, harvested and processed sugarcane on the plantation.

After slavery was abolished, the 518 acres that housed the thriving sugar plantation was divided into smaller farms. Now the city is appreciated for the ruins and history that still prospers.

How is the plantation today?

Today, the plantation ruins are protected by the Virgin Islands National Park and are open to the public. With trails leading through the factory ruins, windmill, slave quarters and other remains, the plantation makes an interesting and educational day trip. In addition, the signs and placards along the trails describe how the sugar was produced. This helps visitors gain insight on the plantation life in Annaberg and on St. John as well.

Another of the many things to see in St. John are the thirty-four foot wide, twenty foot tall windmill at Annaberg. For many years, it was one of the largest windmills on the islands. So if you’re a history lover, we highly recommend touring Annaberg. It will be a true treat that you’ll never forget, and you might even learn something too!

If you’re interested in the history and want to visit the Annaberg Plantation on your stay in the U.S. Virgin Islands, consider staying at a hotel or resort in St. John, so you’re close to the action.

Top 5 Beaches in the U.S. Virgin Islands

Top 5 Beaches in the U.S. Virgin Islands

Are you craving crystal clear water as blue as you’ve ever seen? Pair that with white, sandy beaches and a cool island drink, and you might as well be in St. Thomas, St. John or St. Croix. With so many world-renowned beaches open to the public, it is hard to pick an island favorite. Here’s a list of our top five best beaches in the U.S Virgin Islands:

Even better, all their beaches are open to the public with very few exceptions. Even private resorts are required to give access to their beaches.

1.) Magens Bay Beach in St. ThomasMagens Bay

Stretching over half a mile, Magens Bay Beach has picturesque soft sand and calm waters. Because of the two peninsulas protecting the shore from erosion and strong waves, this is a kid-friendly beach that is widely popular for swimming. Magens Bay Beach may even be the most popular beach on St. Thomas!

2.) Lindquist Beach in St. Thomas

Another St. Thomas beach that is a favorite by locals is Lindquist Beach. This is one of the best beaches in the U.S. Virgin Islands because it is relatively undeveloped and only reachable by a dirt road—beautiful none-the-less. Lindquist Beach makes a great adventure on your next trip to USVI!

3.) Trunk Bay in St. John

Trunk Bay in St. John has consistently ranked as one of the top ten Caribbean beaches over the years. With great views and to-die-for snorkeling, Trunk Bay is a favorite among beach-goers, cruise ships and sailboats alike. Since this beach is protected by the U.S. National Park Service, St. John continues to preserve its beauty.

4.) Caneel Bay in St. John

Caneel Bay in St. John is unique because it strings together seven beaches. Perhaps, it is most famous for its Durloe Point to Hawksnest Caneel.

5.) Sandy Point in St. Croix

Last but definitely not least on our list is the biggest beach in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Sandy Point in St. Croix. Not only does this beach have great size, but it also has great beauty. Sandy Point is another beach protected by the reserve and is a nesting spot for endangered sea turtles.

Ready to plan a relaxing vacation of a lifetime and visit one of these famous spots? Plan your stay at a hotel or resort near one of the best beaches in the U.S. Virgin Islands.